Vincent in Brixton

Nicholas Wright's 2002 play about the young Vincent van Gogh

A young Vincent van Gogh arrives in Brixton, 1873. While lodging with a widowed teacher and her daughter in Brixton, he discovers a house filled with secrets and lies. Vincent, in falling first for the daughter and then the mother, is drawn inexorably towards sorrow and pain.
Three years later he returns to Europe on the first step of a journey which will end in immortality.
A RADA production. Performances: 19-29 October 2022 @ RADA
Cast: Ayla WheatleyMax JacksonLucy Jamieson, Kerill Kelly, Lizzie Macgregor Mason
LX – Amy Mae
Assistant Director – Jack Clearwater
PM – Bethany Bear; SM – Lizzie Hodge; DSM – Katie Glassbrook; ASM – Courtney Tibbins
Designed by Claudia Mayer, directed by Jatinder Verma.