While the nation mourns the death of its longest-reigning monarch, events in Leicester yesterday remind us that tribalism (often known as “communalism” in the Indian subcontinent) supersedes nationality in its visceral power. Following India’s victory over Pakistan in cricket’s Asia Cup played in Dubai, “Indian” and “Pakistani” youths took up cudgels against each other, bringing the streets of their hometown to a standstill.

Rather like Protestant and Catholic youths in Rangers v Celtic matches in Scotland. Or the Brexiteers pushing against the tide on the backs of the simple emotion of “being British”.

Are we – the ones who stand bemused at the power of religious and political ideas to move masses – the ones who’re being wrong-footed by the current tide of history?

The miles-long queue to pay respects to the dead Queen for this moment gives hope of another sense of nation – that of a quiet, dignified decency. By such hopes we face the storms yet to come.