“Binglish” = a dialogue with English

Binglish is a state of mind capturing the manner in which humans are intimately connected with each other across the globe.

JVP is a Director-Designer partnership between Jatinder Verma and Claudia Mayer that works on theatre projects in Britain and overseas. It also works in drama schools and produces plays on radio and other media. Both partners spent their formative years outside Britain – the one in East Africa, the other in India. Together, they continue to develop the sensibility that is Binglish.

Jatinder founded & led pioneering Asian theatre company Tara Arts in Britain for over 40 years and, with Claudia, shaped the creation of Tara Theatre in south London, fusing Edwardian brick with Indian wood. This legacy project established the country’s first Binglish theatre building.



Dark Night of the Soul

As our production of Vincent for Brixton opens at RADA, I once again reflect on the ‘dark night of the soul’ that I, perhaps inexorably, am prey to.


While the nation mourns the death of its longest-reigning monarch, events in Leicester yesterday remind us that tribalism supersedes nationality in its visceral power.


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