"What is found in the poem... may be found elsewhere. But anything it does not contain will be found nowhere."

12 women, over 6 hours, read in relay the world's longest poem

Josephine Lloyd-Welcome, Medhavi Patel, Sharon Singh, Shaheen Khan;

Goldy Notay, Shobna Gulati, Harvey Virdi, Vineeta Rishi;

Stephanie Street, Sudha Bhuchar, Sasha Behar & Shelley King

read a new blank verse version of The Mahabharata by Carole Satyamurti,

at Jermyn Street Theatre on 12 June 2021.


“Although the poem tells of huge events,

battles, armies of a million men,

and though it speaks of gods and demons acting

directly in the human world, the gist –

the conflicts and dilemmas, the regrets,

the way that good and bad, wisdom, delusion,

strive for dominance in each of us –

is still played out in every human heart

and always will be.”